Pastor Benny Ho

LoveSingapore Marketplace Track Facilitator

In my association with Doris, I have been impressed with her constant desire to uphold the ethical standards of the industry and the biblical principles found in God’s word.


I have known Doris Ng for many years. She is an outstanding professional with a spirit of excellence. She leads by example. She upholds very high standards for herself and her associates. She spares no effort in implementing change to upgrade skills and improve her agency’s services.

Most of all, Doris is people-oriented. Being pastoral at heart, she cares deeply about people, especially her circle of co-workers. She values each one as a person of inestimable worth, made in the image of God. She is a good listener and a great coach. She creates a safe environment where everyone can be authentic, find meaning in life, and experience fulfilment at work.

Lai Kheng Pousson

Special Assistant, Love Singapore


Her agency is an extension of their declaration and your opportunity to tap the flow of faith, which has made her exceptional.

It is with great joy that I recommend this agency as a place where you can grow professionally, spiritually, and financially. Here you can be a part of the values that have prospered the entire global economy.

Mark Geppert

Founder, South East Asia Prayer Center


People not only care about what they do, but why they do it. This is what sets Doris Ng’s agency apart. The associates come with a sense of purpose and destiny. They come ready to serve. They come to see Christ’s kingdom lived out and manifested in the marketplace. And it’s working.

Kevin Graves

Founder and Director Target Ministries


Doris Ng and her associates are a team dedicated to making the Lord visible in the marketplace as well as providing a quality services in their line of business.

Their support, care and concern for each other in order to spur each one towards being conformed into the likeness of Christ has created a team-spirit that is clearly seen.

Hakan Gabrielsson

Director, Touching Asia


Doris mentors me with passion and patience. Her belief in the intrinsic worth of every person motivates her to want to develop each of us to our fullest potential. 

As a certified life coach, Doris is able to guide me beyond my career achievement. She takes on a holistic approach to the definition of success. I admire her great tenacity. She demonstrates a high level of determination and perseverance when challenges arise.

I have confidence you will enjoy working with us where everyone cares and shares.

Serene Luah

Assistant Vice President, DNA Financial


I am inspired by Doris' outlook and insights on life, which is refreshing against the backdrop of the typical cultures of our industry. She is always willing to offer a listening ear and offer guidance through her wealth of experience in business and in life.

Her tenacity and grit, as well as being a go-getter puts her in good stead to overcome the many challenges of leading the group. Her calmness in the face of challenges reassures me to focus on the necessary.

I am confident that greater things are yet to come, and greater things still to be done in DNA Financials as we journey together by the grace of God.

Robin Tan

Assistant Vice President, DNA Financial

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